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We deliver! We show results. Some think that ranking on the first page in Ottawa is impossible. With the tools we use, nothing is impossible, and being on the first page is actually, not that far off.

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Reputation Management

Once you are in first position of the first page, we will make sure you keep that position and your competitors do not have a chance of ranking above you.

Web Design

Often times it's necessary to first build your websites pages in order to make sure that the on-page SEO is done perfectly. Once that is done, then we focus on off-page optimization.

Quality Assurance

Get quality links to raise your page and domain authority which are crucial to organic rankings. DO NOT buy links from other countries. Google's algorithm will find out and they will de rank you.


We can focus on keywords that your E-commerce customers are searching for internationally, which results in more revenue and profit.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly SEO reports and analysis. This way you can monitor continuous improvements to your website.

Killing Competition

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the competition.

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In order to succeed at SEO, you need to make sure that your website is complete. And by fully complete we don’t mean it in terms of design, but also, in terms of Headers, Footers, tags, content itself and much much more. A lot of Ottawa SEO agencies, forget to optimize the speed of the website, and that is one of the crucial factors. How do you check the speed of your website? Go to Google Page Speed Insight, and OMG SPEED TOOL . Your website needs to score above a 60% in order for Google to consider ranking your website. Additionally, you need to install the SSL (HTTPS) or Secure Socket Layer on your website for it to be secure. 

Click Here, to watch how Dylan explains what SSL is.

In addition to Search Engine optimization, which focuses on local, city and province wide search results, and making your business show up first, there is also local search engine optimization that allows you to show up on the map pack. Click here to find out how you can show up, and learn more about local SEO

How To Dominate Google in Ottawa

Google Ads

Which consists of doing Google Adwords.

Map Pack

Which is considered as local SEO


Showing up on Organic Google Rankings

On-page optimization,

Off-page optimization,

+ OMG = First Page Ranking!

If you’re looking for the best marketing solution, you’ve come to the right place as we are professional Ottawa SEO Agency! Did you know that the click-through rate of the top organic position on Google is around 37%. This shockingly drops to 15% if you’re in the next position. To put this in context, your competitor is going to get notably more leads from placing just one position above, let alone if you’re not even showing up on the first page at all.

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