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Our advertising agency has the pulse of the consumers, so we will be able to create believable and effective marketing campaigns for your business. We strongly believe in putting the right offers in front of the right audiences. It’s what we like to call the “message to market match”.

Gone are the days of billboard advertising & radio ads, Thanks to all of targeting options available through Facebook and Google’s search platform, the Ottawa Marketing Guys have been helping business owners like you, put your message in front of your ideal target audience. That is how they get results.

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Ottawa’s First Full Service
Digital Marketing Agency.

We believe that we can provide you with digital marketing services at a higher quality and lower cost than you are now paying, and guarantee just-in-time delivery at no extra charge.

Our recent award

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

This was our motto since we started. By providing extreme value to our valued clients, we have been able to reach the entire city with word of mouth. Businesses love us because we give them the results that they need.

Latest News

Geo-Fences are Revolutionizing Marketing

Geo-Fencing is a new technology that tags a phones location (let's say the customer walks into a dealership), then we are able to retarget ads to that customer based on the locations they walked in. This is very powerful, and you can literally take your competitors customers away right from underneath their nose.

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Told ya we'd take care of it. Now we just have to maintain that position or improve it, and watch out for new entrants.

Why Choose Us?

We are 100 percent committed to you and your business.
We use the best tools in the industry to ensure maximum results.
We follow through with our promises and over deliver.
Our quality of work is high and reflects your brands image.
We meet weekly if necessary, to discuss targets and goals.
We eliminate the stress of you having to do the marketing.
24/7 Group Chat with company owners (No account Managers).

Is First Page of Google Really Important?

Do I need to do SEO?

Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for the best marketing solution, you’ve come to the right place! Did you know that the click-through rate of the top organic position on Google is around 37%. This shockingly drops to 15% if you’re in the next position.

To put this in context, your competitor is going to get notably more leads from placing just one position above, let alone if you’re not even showing up on the first page at all.

Sebastian G.The Trending Wave

“Have worked with other social media agencies before but they do not compare to the professionalism of these guys. They are great at everything that they do. Have been working with them for over 7 months now and the quality of their work just keeps getting better. Highly recommended! ”

Paul B.

“Ottawa Marketing Guys has an exceptional first-class team. I find them extremely responsive, very knowledgeable and incredibly easy to work with”

Alexander B

“If you want to get the best return on investment... you have to get connected with the Ottawa Marketing Guys! They are constantly growing and learning, that means your business will be growing too!”

Allan Alguire

“When it comes to helping small and medium size businesses with their marketing efforts in Ottawa, Dylan is seriously crushing it”

Elias Z.

“Best team I've ever hired
Ive been in the business for 6 years trying all kind of method
Ottawa Markting team had improved my business tremendsly
Highly recommended.”


Marketing with SEO is key for websites today. You may have heard of it, but you need to know what it really means to you and your website. SEO can really help bump up your visits and page views, and it’s not hard at all to start.

Web Design

The uses of a website are endless. They can sell services, goods, or just express thoughts and ideas. Some people want their own site, but the process can be quite complicated. Click the button below to find out more.

Google Ads

If you are looking to get more traffic to your site, a great way to do so is to list your site on a pay per click program like Google AdWords. With programs like this, your site gets advertised at the top of searches for a small price per visitor.

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