Ottawa Local Seo or Map-pack

The Map-pack in Ottawa is getting our clients more calls and leads than Google Ads and Organic SEO combined.

And studies show that customers are more likely to click on the map and look for the closest location than clicking on Ads and the Organic results. Ideally, you would want to be in all 3 placings on Google.

How Does This Work?

Do I need Branding?

How Can I rank?

We will give you all the necessary things you need to do in order to rank on map-pac. Keep in mind that Map-pack is crucial for service based businesses. Take a look around and don’t be shy, and let us know if you have any questions 🙂

What we can help you achieve

Organic Ranking in Ottawa | NAP Submissions | Citations | Increasing your Rankings on Map-Pack 

Business Owners Should
  • Get 5-Star Reviews
  • Ask Customers to Review
  • Update Blogs Regularly
  • Update Pictures Regularly
  • Claim their Listing
Our Specialties
  • Getting Reviews 
  • Updating the Pictures
  • Posting Blogs
  • Increasing Ranking
  • Getting you more Calls
Top Businesses on Maps
  • Dentists & Denturists
  • Repair Shops (Jewellery, Shoes, etc.)
  • Mechanics
  • Restaurants
Who Shouldn’t Do it
  • National Companies
  • Businesses in other Jurisdictions
  • Low Volume Keyword Businesses
  • Keywords with no “Ottawa”
First Question

How Does this Map-pack thing work?

One word. Citations! Citations tell Google, that you are a brand that services a specific geographical (Ottawa or Toronto usually) area. So naturally, having as many citations out there as possible, will tell Google that you are a real entity. You need to build your citations correctly in order for Google to pick it up. Any discrepancy, and Google will ignore it. Once you are done, you have to search your business name to see if your business shows up on the right side. If nothing comes up, then double check your citations.For Example: we searched “Rideau Centre Ottawa” and this is what came up.

Second Question

Do I Need Branding?

YES! Google loves businesses who brand. Imagine ranking for Adidas or Coca Cola. You will have a very difficult time getting on top, and trying to outrank them. They have been there for many years. They have established a solid brand. Google will not know if your site is of the same quality. The same applies to your GMB (Google My Business) listing and your citations. Citations do 2 major things, 1) Validating you are a real business, 2) Geo-Validates you to a city. Citations equal branding in GMB. 

Third Question

How can I Rank?

Submit your citations to local directories. There are generic directories like yellowpages, yelp, tripadvisor, and Apple maps, and then there are other directories called niche or industry specific directories such as the Local Plumber Directory.  The third and most important type of directory which will be the City Directory or Local Chamber of commerce. The fourth directory or citation building strategy is doing a press release. Press releases allow you to get local citations and do huge announcements. This is how you want to write in every single directory, word by word. Here is an example:

Ottawa Marketing Guys   –   Complete Business Name
900 Lady Ellen Place    –     Street Address and Number
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5L5      –  City, Province  Postal Code
(613) 709-5311    –   Phone Number
Psst! Some people charge $400 for this. Crazy right?
You’re Welcome!

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Why is Google Map-pack so Important?

Gets you More Calls

A lot of the time, Google Map-pack can get you more calls than Ottawa organic seo or Pay Per Click advertising in Ottawa, because of the call button available to your customers.

For Emergencies

Customers who are looking for an immediate solution, will always go to the nearest location. But, if the business is not showing in the Map-pack, the customer will not come to you! Even if you are the closest.

More Website Traffic

Customers tend to do research on the nearest location first, and then go do research on the business (mainly looking at the businesses website, and making sure the business is trustworthy).

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