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What is the main difference

Between Facebook and

The other platforms?

Before we start, I want to make sure that by Facebook we mean Facebook ads and content creation.

For instance the main difference between Facebook ads and Google ads, is that on Facebook, you are trying to FISH for customers. On Google, customers are mainly looking for your service. All you have to do is present your website, with a description and you have yourself a new lead. With Facebook its a lot of advertising consistency that makes you generate a lead unless the offer is so enticing that the customer doesn’t want to pass it up. To more about Facebook Ads in Ottawa, contact us!

Messenger Bot

This is also the “Messenger” app. It has evolved over time, and you can customize it to your business. You can broadcast a message to all your customers for a very low price.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Targeting options are very accurate. You can reach all of your audiences within a week, and have them know of your product or service, at a very low price.

Facebook Content

Facebook Content Creation is key for your customers to regularly see you, and get reminded that you are there, each time you post something. Ask yourself this: Why is McDonalds always advertising? To remind customers psychologically.

Fb ad Targetting

Create an Account

Create a business Facebook account by going to Business.facebook.com

Ad Objective

Currently there are 11 ad objective you can choose. Choose one relative to what you're trying to achieve

Select your Targeting Options

From the Targeting options given to you, you can choose your audience.

Design your Ad

Design your ad from scratch. This means creating Designs, and the Ad copy. You'll also need an enticing offer, and a good landing page to convert the lead into a paying customer.

Await Ad Approval

Remember: On Facebook your image needs 20% or less text or your ad will not get approved. If it does get approved, it won't to show it to as many people!

Track Landing Page Performace

You need to monitor how customer are behaving on your website. Maybe its a bit confusing, or maybe the enter the website and leave after 5 seconds, causing your bounce rate to go up. All these Conversions are very important to see why the ad did or did not work
Learn More About Bots

Chatbots Automate everything and save you TIME!

Whether its to qualify customers, ask them for more information, or asking them for what they're exactly looking for. Chatbots do it all and can be customized to your liking and your personal sales script.

Ottawa's Only Chatbot Creators

Which Industries can you use these chatbots?

We are evolving these bots and making them do more than ever before. So far these are the industries we have dominated with chatbots: Real Estate, Gyms, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Spas, Dentists, Med Spas, Car Wash and Auto Detailing, Restaurants and last but not least, Personal brand bots. Contact us to find out how we can help you in Facebook Ads in Ottawa, or if you would like to get your own custom bot!

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