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Meet the Best Ottawa Adwords Agency. Below are a few reasons why we are different.

Custom Landing Pages

Get one of the Best Performing Landing Pages. We don't send traffic to your home page. That's for amateurs. Additionally, You Get Custom Heat Maps

Conversion Tracking

Monitor Every Step of the way. How many customers called or filled out that form on your website? These are Crucial facts and figures.

Best CTR in Ottawa

Find out why we average about 7-10% in CTR. Industry average is about 0.5-2%. This Means almost double the sales, for the same cost.

Call and Landing Page Recording

Monitor your Customers actions Click by Click, or Scroll after Scroll. You can Even Monitor your Employees and How they Respond to Calls.
Are you monitoring your Conversions?

Ottawa PPC, Adwords

Small details get you the best results!

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Google Ads Ottawa Agency
Instant First Page Ranking

If you are starting a new business, Adwords is the best option for your local Business

If you own a service based business, you know that it will take some time for your SEO efforts to come up on the first page of Google. Hence it is imperative that you show up for what your customers are looking for. Ottawa Adwords is the best way to put you in front of the customers immediately. All you need is a compelling Landing page, and the perfect Sales funnel.

P.S. We will also make sure that you follow the rules in your industry. For example, all the dentists need to follow certain rules and regulations in the Dental industry. If you can find out which one of these ads are not following the rules, your first month with us, will be on the house.

Prepare For The Adrenaline

This is why, we are the best at what we do.

6 Days

We ran this Campaign for only 6 days!

~900 Impressions!

900 People have seen our ad, in a saturated market

Qualified Leads

We managed to get 5 high ticket sales, which brought in +$1000 in Revenue, with a cost of $63 in Google Ads. This is not the only platform which brought this customer results. We also did Facebook Ads for this client.

$63 in adspend, +$1000 Revenue

That’s right! We spent $63 in a week, in a very competitive market, and managed to generate $1000 in a week. Pretty crazy right?

Attract more leads and sales for your E-commerce store with an effective Ottawa Adwords/PPC strategy.

We only accept 4 brick and mortar businesses in the same niche for Google Ads in one city. But if you have an E-commerce store, don’t hesitate to call or check our E-commerce page.

How exactly can you help my business?

We generate highly qualifiable leads for your business, that are looking for your service. You don’t even need a website for this. We can make you a landing page, that can gather all the leads and phone calls for you. We track the conversion and see how we can optimize the campaign so that it gives you the highest ROI possible.

You mentioned Tracking, what does that mean?

What usually ends up happening, is that a lot of business owners or other marketing companies, turn on Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords), and don’t measure how many conversions they are getting. Sure they get lots of traffic, and sure they get a good CTR (click through rate = % of people who saw the ad and clicked on it), but how many potential leads, ended up actually calling. Say you spent $1000 on ads and one customer called to get a $50 service. The CTR won’t matter at that point even if its at a 100%. You need to measure A-Z whether you decide to go with us or have someone else do it for you.

You Mentioned Recording Customer Phone Calls?

YES! Often times it has happened that clients (or their employees) do not have a proper sales strategy. This means spending lots in advertising dollars, and paying the employees, to have no sales. You would want to improve your sales process, increase closing rates, and improve customer service, whether the owner or the employee is handling the calls.

We use a software that allows us to make this possible.

This is legal, and the customer who is calling will be notified of the call being recorded.

What are heatmaps and screen recordings?

Heatmaps allow us to see where the customer spends majority of their time on your website. Say they spend more time on one side of the screen, or the screen recordings show that majority of the customers are confused. This means that the landing page is having an issue and not the ad. This allows us to go and fix the landing page(s), and not change something that is already working.

Will PPC help with SEO?

If you are sharing your data with Google, through Google Analytics, Conversion tracking and Google Tags, then yes. Otherwise, it will not boost your SEO rankings.

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