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✔CONSISTENCY✔: Post 1-3x daily. Instagram favours new accounts within the first 60-90 days. So have your content sourced, scheduled, and ready to go!


🔥VIRALITY 🔥: Create / Source viral videos or photos in your niche. Personal brands can do 80/20 (80% viral /20% personal) in the beginning.


💪🏼POWER💪🏼: Use the power of engagement groups to grow your account! Your posts have a higher chance of landing on the EXPLORE page if they receive A LOT OF engagement within the first 15-60 minutes after posting.


⚡POWER LIKES ⚡: Get accounts that have 100k+ followers to like your post within 15-60 minutes of posting. This will increase your chances of hitting the explore page.


#️⃣HASHTAGS #️⃣: Use hashtags that have a huge following on instagram, get power likes and engagement on your recent post, and let the world see your post with the hashtags you followed.


Once you have implemented all the steps, you will hit the explore page, and from there on, you will get lots of likes, follows, and engagements on your page.
You don't have to worry about anything

OMG Does it for you

We use a software that allows us to have your Instagram profile engage with your competitors followers and like their pictures. This way the customers of your competitor will open instagram and notice that you engaged with their profile, and with an enticing offer, they will be all yours.

Grow Your Account

Get lots of Engagement

We use programs that allow us to get you power likes, and put you in engagement groups. Once you hit the explore page, there is no way of looking back. Explore page makes your content global, and builds brand authority and social proof.

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